Spring Crows – Seeding, Corsets and Love

Spring 2017 has taught me a lot and it all started with crows.   I threw out some seed and before long every exotic bird was singing and praising with a multitude of whistles, songs, and mating calls.  So next I filled two feeders suspended from arches.  In the hundreds, every color of the rainbow, birds soared in each taking their turn to eat.  But before long, I could  not keep up.  I felt indebted to keep the birds fed, imagining them pining away without my help.

Up in the Spring branches, just watching and waiting, crows in groups of one hundred or more came in for the kill.  Like Alfred Hitchcocks classic movie “The Birds”, they chased away everything in sight, and soon, lining the feeders, they emptied every seed.  There  was no satisfaction.  I could not reason with them, and high in the tops of the trees they congregated, looking down, calling to each other, “She’s at it again.”  Swoop!  Down they flew and I went ice cold.  No more!

There was only one solution.  Stop feeding them all.  My kindness was to the stupid point and I knew that with warm weather, worms tunneling up to their demise in the grass, wild life would be just fine.

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t become an act to good to follow for even yourself.  The more you give, the more you turn wild life, bosses, co workers, charity causes and partner in to demanding crows.

PS: I see “seeding” the same as wearing expensive exotic corsets in the bedroom.  At first the grateful look of one’s partner is rewarding.  But when giving is met with persistent expectation, “cawing” for more without giving back, it’s easy to feel bitter.  This is also true with Co Workers and Bosses….you mean well by being an act too good to follow, but pretty soon it’s expected of you.

The love of animals, partners and Coworkers is best expressed in small, relaxed actions.  That is my lesson learned through Spring crows.



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