The Prairie Psychic, Annies Angels

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My Psychic Studio, “Maries Safe Haven”, Intuitive Channeling in the Angel Frequency

Annies Angels at Maries Safe Haven – Psychic Calm for Your Life Storm

As a reader for two major Psychic companies since 2001, “Best Psychics Directory” and “Keen”, I am one of many National Readers living on the back roads of America. Gone are the days of needing a Psychic shop in a Metropolis City to exist. Like other gifted Intuitive that choose to live close to the earth, we can make a name for ourselves via Psychic Companies that promote us and bring clients from all over America via a cell phone, Skype or Chat. But oh how I love personal visits! And yes, a Reading is as accurate in person or by phone, because your voice, breath, and words carry your energy.

 Psychic Prairie Guidance In Early, Iowa – Ann Marie O’Dell 

Cattle in Iowa Wild Flowers
Over the black tops and through the Prairie flowers, to Psychic Ann Marie in Early, Iowa

Since the beginning of time, every village had their “seer”, or eccentric old woman living in a ramshackle house on the edge of town.  Times change.  In 2018 I am happy to say my studio is clean, artistic, and filled with loving energy.  In summer the back roads are filled with prairie flowers, peaceful cattle leading to my tree canopied lane.  Look for an apple-green house with a 5 foot stone angel in front.  Thats me!  Park in the lane, and come on in.  Usually, I will be in front to greet you.

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