I am giving my sister an Intuitive reading, trying not to be put off by the smirk on her face.  She is skeptical.  After her session, she is not impressed.  No matter what, I am still just the girl she shared a room with growing up.  Sometimes, no matter what, a sister just wants to smack us and say, “Get over yourself!”

The Love-Hate Relationship of Sisters

Sisters see us through the perspective of their own quirky personalities. They may have shared the same experiences we did but you will seldom agree on the details.  Whereas I saw leaving home early as survival, my sister saw it as deserting her to the wolves. Chores, taking care of younger sisters, became exclusively her responsibility.  And while I was singing and playing in coffee houses, raising organic vegetables in a little white farmhouse of free spirits, my sister remembers being on her hands and knees like Cinderella so that I could be “in the spotlight.”  For this reason, I have been known as “bigger than life”, which is another term for “self-centered.”

Sister Styles

I am proud of my sister, and though she will not share a bed with me because she says I snore, the world of her bedroom has two bookcases of educational books. She is a scholar of life who struggled through a college education to attain a teaching job.  She honors degrees.  Not Psychic Advisers.  I get it.  We, like countless sisters out there, have different interests and passions, and probably time to time have nicknames for each other to use when bonding with our mother.  My mother has learned the power of refusing to take sides.  She loves all of us.

Sisters Who Hate Each Other

I am always amazed when I hear that one sister hates another sister.  Maybe it’s because of jealousy, a stolen man, substance abuse, imagined parental favoritism.  In time no one knows where it all began.  The dysfunction of teams and sides becomes a giant football game.  I’m thankful that with three sisters, all different from the other, we pick up and begin like new every time we connect by phone or in person. We have our mothers sense of humor, her snort, and have adapted to life in our own way.  When tension is high we count on laughter in a shared streak of sarcasm and storytelling.  Add a glass of wine and we are all comedians.

The Many Interpretations of “Sister”

“Sista!”  as in “Listen here Sista”

“Sisterhood” – A group of women sharing a passionate journey, church or retreat.

“Sister Mary” –  a woman of the church, or spiritual reader

“Soul Sister” – Best Friends

No matter how you look at it, a Sister is special.  Agree not to agree, and laugh when it gets stupid. Never give in to petty hatreds. They won’t matter when die or are alone in this world.



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