Spiritual Cigars and Brandy – VAPING

Vaping2dreamstime_m_113001660I remember coming home from school to the smell of cigarettes and coffee, my mother sitting in a tapestry wingback chair with a book and a smoke nearby.  In those days tobacco users were not trash, nor did they hide in alleys or glass cubicles as if they had a disease.

Classy, rebellious, political, artistic and cool people indulged in smoke.  Housewives in backyard bridge parties with jazz hands laughed and held a cigarette sensuously through their fingers.  And then it was gone.  Like  Diet Coke, suddenly adds and society slapped cigarettes out of every posed elegant hand arched like a swan.  Dirty!

I speak of these days as if it was a different world, and in truth it was.   I confess to my Hawaiian friend that I love a good cigarette with a beer at times and have never inhaled.  She laughs, sighs.  And I will admit, now I “Vape”. Haven’t had a cigarette in a year.


The sexy sight of an elegantly dressed man puffing, not inhaling, on a pipe filled with aromatic cherry blends, went hand in hand with sophistication in old days.  It was a quiet time.  A moment to suck at one’s pipe and reflect.  Eyes narrowed on deep thoughts, surrounded by the essence of woodsy essential blends.  I remember wishing my sister would marry a professor who smoked a pipe. That too is now taboo.  Vaping is much like pipe smoking of the old days and also risks survival acceptance.


It seems we are in a world that not only hates smokers but those that wear scent, mist with essential oils or wear strong armpit deodorant.  Every year the list gets longer of what is offensive.  I will confess I have asked someone in an airport a time or two, “What are you wearing? It is wonderful.” Those of us that still treasure the lingering sparkle of a perfume in a room full of natural sweaty people are likely to also love flavored vapes which are now being bitched about.


As I sit in my studio in the morning deep in thought, puffing on my “Juul”, coffee in hand, contemplating my day ahead, it is absolutely freeing to know I am not polluting the air with smoke, and that the nicotine content is only 3%.  It occurs to me the act of inhaling, a learned skill, is the real elephant in the room that needs correction, and how to enjoy the spiritual indigenous properties of smoke without inhaling.  Pipe and cigar smokers always knew you do not inhale, but puff and exhale.  A glass of brandy in hand, a good cigar, is old as time.  Vaping can be the savior of the meditative bonding between man, a good smoke, and aromatic scents.  Always less is more.


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