THE SARAH MOSES : Empowered Women




There are baby girls born with exceptional power.  Something is different about their eyes, and by the time school starts you see phenomena happen.  Whether they excel in creative arts, scholastic achievements or leadership in every organization they are in, all eyes turn to them when a project needs to stand out.  Often they feel alone as if no one really likes them. And yet, though they never asked to take charge, it is their lot in life.  How do you say no when all eyes turn to you to lead? A Sarah Moses is a huntress, that sees far into the shadows in which no one else’s eyes see, recognizes pitfalls, demands discipline, gives direction, and motivates to excel.  She is an old soul.



At some point in an empowered woman’s life, whether tired of the battle with younger Sarah Moses eager for her position, or ready for retirement, she steps down from the stage.  At first, this may seem like true freedom, as “less” has never been a part of her life.  Conquest, organization, competition, strategist, winning has been life substance.  If she is lucky enough to have a relationship, she can finally contribute as a team couple.  Many Sarah Moses females did not have the time for love. “Less”,  once a craved for as a fantasy far into the future and the answer to inner unhappiness becomes a marriage to aloneness.  Without connections and often with no true friends, a Sarah Moses can find herself lying on a living room floor wondering who she is.



After the shock of stepping down from a high power job, comes empowered dreams.  Of course, this is the choice of each  Sarah Moses.  An example would be the Alternative underground folk singer, Joan Baez, who in a Rolling Stone interview admitted the high notes were increasingly hard to reach. Despite hydrating her throat with constant water, her last tour would be leading her to the door of painting. A tour of her bungalow studio showcased magnificent portraits of the power people that shaped her life journey.  Joan Baez, at 80, was accessing an empowered dream.

Countless organizations, travel groups, museums, life coaching, speaking engagements, spiritual groups and city counsels need a powerful Sarah Moses organizer.  As in ancient tribes, experience and wisdom are survival.  Connections are everywhere.  When the living room floor and loneliness of silence become dysfunctional, and through a counselor or life coach inner struggles get a grip, its time to grab the walking cane and excel in empowered dreams as a Sarah Moses, and lead again.

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