How to Retire a Tarot Deck



With every shuffle of my beloved well-worn Tarot Deck, the sad realization comes when my reading is slowed down by sticking thin cards, bent corners and rips that it is time for new cards.  But how do you retire your spiritual tool with respect?

As a professional reader over forty years, I have seen many decks retire. At all times I  use one or two beautiful Tarot modalities until they have become faded, worn and familiar as a family member.  What does one do when a best friend dies?  We certainly do not throw them in the garbage.  My cards and I are an energetic Team steeped in love, honor, and respect. Even the thought of incorporating them into creative artwork seems wrong.  I guess I would never stuff my favorite dog for display either.  My cards are that personal to me.

On occasion, a friend or client will say, “Isn’t it time to get new cards?  I can’t even see what the pictures are.”  They don’t understand that old faded cards are P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L.  Why?  They have taken on the shape of my hands, bending perfectly into my palms. And like energy healers who use their hands for Reiki or light work, a Tarot Reader’s hands and their deck is one unit.  An energetic umbilical cord transmits the message from within, into the cards.  The simple act of laying the cards down is not random.


1}  Put them in a beautiful box lined with velvet, sprinkle lightly with glitter, and place them on a shelf.  They are always there for Power Readings.  The box does not have to be wood, but any box that is beautiful and organic.  Soapstone, antler, seashells, ceramic also can be used.

2} Burn your retired deck.  Your well-worn cards do not deserve to be thrown mercilessly into the garbage.  Far better to start a fire and burn them.

3} Bury your favorite Tarot deck.  They will nourish the earth and become one with the soil in your flower garden or yard.

3} Set them afloat into the ocean.  They are organic and will not hurt the fish or water.  Your favorite lake will also embrace them.

4} Put your favorite card from your deck into a glass bottle and bury it.  Like a blessing, you manifest the essence of the card to be more a part of your life. Much like writing down your intentions, or placing your intentions into the hands of your Angels, you are consciously singling out through the bottled card, your intent for the year ahead.

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