How To Give a Healing Psychic Reading



For the Intuitive reader who wants to make money professionally, whether a Psychic Adviser or Medium, it is essential to know the formula for a healing message. Your personal mood, the way you phrase your thoughts as you read, and the ability to give hope are as crucial as your accuracy.

Three major Reading components are the foundation your intuitive session should be built on. With practice and discipline, the following formula will be as second nature as waking up, washing your face and brushing your teeth. Why? Accuracy can be hurtful. If what you are revealing cuts your client to the quick of despair, they will not listen. Period. {Or you will get a terrible review.} Compassion, heart and healing clarity soften harsh truth with soft words and are the nucleus of Spiritual Diplomacy.


After you have consistently given readings with accuracy for friends, curious acquaintance, and family, {your harshest critics may I add,} and you feel the need to share your gift professionally, or by phone, this is the formula that will heal.

1} Pause and gather your words about your impressions before you speak. You do this because you want to be thoughtful about how you communicate so that your message is delivered in a compassionate stream.

Think about the people you have known that blurted their thoughts like mental diarrhea. It is a negative experience. You want your reading to be smooth, without offense, so that your message is delivered with sincere respect. Whether you are a Psychic or a Medium, it is imperative you represent the best of your intentions in your field.

2} Say the hard things you see in soft ways I can say, ” I can see you really don’t give a crap about anything anymore!” Or I can say, ” I feel that in the last month you have felt tired and distracted. Paying attention to detail is hard. Something is constantly on your mind, and you can not let go of it” My purpose is not to be insulting, but heartfelt. It also allows you to speak the truth of what you see without giving false hope, by measuring

Spiritual Diplomacy. The ability to speak your thoughts in a way that makes people understand what you feel and see without angering them. This is the nucleus of a healing reading. Sometimes it takes more words for smooth, heartfelt message delivery.

WHEN IS BLURTING WHATEVER COMES TO YOUR MIND ACCEPTABLE? In some instances, as in an intervention, where family and friends gather around an offender and speak their mind, a dramatic wake-up call is needed. But this is not the way of a Psychic or Medium Reading.


End your reading with a message of hope. Be mindful you may be the light at the end of the tunnel for some clients. I am not a fan of sugar-coated readings which I feel lead reasonable people to hang on to dangerous situations. Worse, you will go from being their favorite psychic who tells them what they want to hear to the enemy if one year later they have put themselves on hold and nothing you have said has happened.

Better to be honest with soft words. End with the hope that you see much better days ahead feel the presence of a beautiful friend or lover around them, and a suggestion of where they may begin to find these precious people starting with a group interest, dating site, church, or coffee house. What you see in a positive sense is there even if you have to look hard for it.



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