My name is Ann Marie and I am a Psychic in a red neck town so tiny our mail can be stored and collected from one small wall of gold post office boxes. My studio is on a tree tunneled lane of stone angels, kinetic wind spinners and flowers. Here I read for private clients, two national phone lines and across the lane share a home with my Republican beer drinking husband.  Our adapted four legged animal kids, each a victim from the storm, are spoiled rotten.

The beauty of Intuitives such as myself is we live in tiny towns all over America, read for you on National phone lines, author books and blogs, and can still live creative lives without high metropolis prices. Raised in Chicago, later University town, Iowa City, Iowa, I am thoroughly “country” now,  an Adult Indigo conceived by two teachers, and later in life, parented by a German  Holocaust Survivor. I say “Acchhh” a lot.

http://thecallingoflight.comAnnie Studio

As an Angel Consultant over 30 years I excel in Tarot Channeling on the journey of the Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman.  I see failure as a challenge, not as a death sentence, with plenty of room for growth if we are willing to be flexible.